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Dec 18, 2012 12:30pm PST
previous statement. >> thank you. >> barry toronto, roland salvato, denise dan. >> good afternoon. >>> good afternoon, barry toronto. i figured i'd join these list of speakers considering i have an italian last name. anyway, i want to let you know that cab drivers taking people from the downtown hotels, south of market hotels, take people's recommendations to north beach and fisherman's wharf restaurants. what you're saying by making traffic miserable on columbus avenue, i think cab drivers are going to stop recommending these establishments in these areas because it will be too hard to get to. and it sounds like you really need some environmental work done before you go ahead and close off any part of columbus avenue, even one lane. where are we going to drop off the passengerses at the restaurants? at the bars? at the night clubs? you know, this is a problem. and i think until you resolve -- create some mitigation measures, solve these issues, you're not ready to bring any option forward. and, in fact, as listed here you can only deal with these two options. i think option 4 see
Dec 23, 2012 11:35pm PST
y despuÉs gana roland garros. >> se pierde a macho camacho que fue campeon de muchas peleas. >> el mexicano juan manuel marquez vence a paquiao y los kings de los Ángeles ganan a new jersey en partidos. >> muchas gracias por estar con nosotros buenas noches navidad principales noticias . >> 100 millones de personas se desplazan por el país . >> como estará el clima . >> se conoce nuevos testimonios de la tragedia en connecticut hablo profesoara y jefe de policía . >> google maps habla del rastro e santa clauss vamos con la información . >> . >> este es la edición de fin de semana . >> buenas noches bienvenidos nos a pocas horas de navidad irán por todo el país por la celebración cuidado por lo que nos dicen ir en esta fiesta es complejo por el trafico y mal tiempo . >> que nadie quiere ver en esta época de navidad, . >> en carretera cerca de ohio minivan iba en sentgido contrario e impacto a otra . >> tres adultos mueren . >;> la policía encontró botella de alcohol en un vehículo . >> cuándo 93 millones de personas están ,es de paciencia y para no perder la compostur
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
donde las cosas no volveran a ser iguales... alex roland, nos amplia la informacion... y mientras las clases se llevaban a cabo, newtown, enterro hoy a dos mas de los ninos que fueron asesinados en la masacre del pasado viernes. al momento, las investigaciones avanzan lentamente y solo anaden mas detalles truculento s, como que el autor, el joven introvertido adam lanza, disparo cuatro veces en la cabeza a su madre, nancy, mientras dormia.. a los funerales, solo pudieron acceder los familiares de los pequenos. el hombre sospechoso de una serie de asalto a mujeres en el condado de fairfax fue arrestado en lima, peru... el servicio de alguaciles de estados unidos tomo en custodia johnny d. guillen pimentel, de 41 anos y lo traslado a faifax el pasado 17 de diciembre... pimentel, es acusado de ocho cargos por agresion maliciosa, y uno por falsificacion de documentos publicos.. la policia identifico a pimentel como el hombre que corto con navajas los gluteos de varias mujeres en centros comerciales de virginia durante el verano...sie columbia, escuche esto... aumento la velocidad limite e
Dec 12, 2012 2:30am PST
can be on tv too. >> good evening my name is jean roland,managing attorney for stalking, domestic violence and physical elderly abuse. >> i do have a question for you both. just to clarify, while you are working under staffed in terms of your ability to provide all services, as we would like to victims, just to clarify, it seems the weight in which victims become engaged with the advocacy organizations of those programs providing services including shelter and beyond, that first link really comes through the district attorney's office. unless the victims themselves call those agencies. but certainly you are all helping to assist if persons want that type of support. >> i think that i would have to attribute that to a joint effort by the scu unit as well as the district attorney's office. the first point of real contact that dv victims have are the inspectors and svu. once inspectors make the initial contact that is where the trust begins. once that trust is established it is turned over to our office where our attorneys try to maintain that trust. honestly, with a number of attorn
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
ghost of roland martin. do you need a note from the principal's office? somebody needs to explain to me what goes on with roland. he's never there. >> how do i get that freedom? >> the thing about roland, once he arrives, you won't know he was missing in the first place. alina chochl. >> count on me, ali velshi. good morning, a fight between world powers with agonized parents and children caught in the middle. russian president has banned u.s. families from adopting russian orphans. moscow says too many orphans have been abused by their new american parents. state department says it is willing to talk more about keeping the children safe. >>> fiscal cliff isn't the only threat to the u.s. economy. get a load of this. the container cliff. nearly 15,000 dockworkers from maryland to texas are threatening to strike, starting sunday, which could shut down more than a dozen key shipping ports and cripple commerce across the country. dock on workers are demanding higher container royalties to boost their pay. >>> did the newtown school shooter have an evil gene? scientists at the university of
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm PST
them down, will cain, roland martin, pete dominick, all-star contributors. we're going to have some fun with this. viral videos really did define this campaign. often it's a slip on the stump that gets picked up. let's listen to one of obama's slip. you didn't build that. >> someone helped to create this unbelievable system that allows you to thrive. someone invested in roads and bridges. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. >> now, that was turned into this viral video, with over a million views, easily. >> i'm barack obama, those ads, taking my words about small business out of context, they're flat-out wrong. >> if you've been successful, you didn't get that on your own. >> getting pretty inventive there. >> i'm glad we really started on a light note. could have built some camaraderie. now i have to tell you, it wasn't out of context. make my argument, give me three minutes, i'll prove to you it meant exactly -- >> will, seriously. i'm at the republican convention and they're holding their signs up, you didn't build that. i'm like, you're right, they built it in china
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
remain far apart. joining me is cnn analyst roland martin and cnn contributor will cain. to roland first. is this a real stalemate or is this all about posturing? >> it's a real stalemate. obviously republicans who clearly do not want to raise taxes on anybody, the president's made it perfectly clear that i won, i have a mandate and we are not going to continue doing this. also keep in mind the bush cuts contributed to our deficit so it's interesting to hear folks say we should continue them but they didn't say let's cut the deficit when they contribute it according to the cbo. i think the president certainly has more referage on his side and republicans know it and trying to hold out as best as they can. in the end he'll get his wish. >> who is going to blink first? will this is for you. seems like americans aren't interested in lawmakers digging in. look at the poll. this is what a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows the first time the majority of republican voters 59% want the party leaders to compromise and democrats an all-time high of 70%. separate poll, who will be to blame i
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
back to "starting point." today's team ron brownstein, will cane and roland martin, we're keeping you an available spot for him. >> empty chair. >> roland has been dieting. you can't even see him. if you've ever been confused by facebook's privacy settings, you are not alone. even mark zuckerberg's sister might be after a private family photo she posted on facebook went public. she is the former marketing director of facebook and she posted this photo of her family. >> that's her. >> there we go. it includes facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, someone who wasn't supposed to see it saw it because she was friends with someone else who was tagged in it and it was retweeted in the aftermath. an angry response that included this line, it's not about privacy settings, it's about human decency. >> talk about six degrees of separation. you had the chain of events there. >> someone who saw someone whose friend saw it who posted it? welcome to the internet. >> the increasing reality is you're assuming that anything that can be seen will be seen. >> right. >> and both company policy and government
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
camacho que pasó part4e de su vida por las calles dónde se ve . >> alex roland. >> estoy en la calle 106 dónde las personas han hecho una larga fila frente a la iglesia santa cecilia, en la tarde llegó él feretro del ex pujilista y cuando descendio varias personas aplaudieron como ustedes ven, gritaban viva héctor macho camacho . >> y ahí el feretro fue puesto en la carroza que recorrio la calle 106 donde él pasó parte de su juventud y niñez y por eso su familia quiso hacerle este homenaje, su madre estuvo siguiendo la carroza unas 4 cuadras a la redonda en el corazón del barrio. >> es la primera vez que veo una cosa tan linda para un muchacho que se lo merece, porque mucho trajo él a este mundo . >> es del barrio. >> (gritos) >> va a ser un día largo para los fans del ex pujilista puertorriqueño y cerrará las puertas a las 10 de la noche, estaremos llevandoles los detalles y por menores de esto que pasará mañana en un cementerio en el bronx, regreso a los estudios. >> gracias alex y más adelante llegó la navidad y le tenemos una importante información . >> y comer inse
Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm PST
roland martin's heart, with sarah silverman as a spokeswoman for voter i.d.. >> you know, a lot of these laws require you to have a state-issued picture i.d., like a driver's license, but more than 21 million americans don't have driver's licenses. >> what about my social security card? i've been using it for 70 years. >> no photo, no voto. i'm on to your shenanigans, murray, if that is your real name. >> you take a clean 30 seconds out of the -- i played that, made the mistake today of playing that in front of my children and i had no idea what i was getting into. >> learning words. >> it proves that comedians, great comedians, through great comedy, can explain the situation. she was talking about the nonexistence of voter fraud. she really gets the point across. >> but voter i.d. wasn't targeted at sarah, it was people who look like me, so, sarah could have -- >> what are you saying? >> i'm just saying. >> what are you saying? put a brother in that video, it would have been true. >> we didn't show the whole video. >> right, right, the r-rated version. i got you. i understand. >>
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
co-chair position? >> yes. >> chair: roland? >> councilmember wong: i like to dominate idell wilson. nominate. (correction) nominate (laughter) >> i would really say, i would be honored. i would like to third, for wendy to have a second year. >> chair: you are declining the nomination? are there any further nominations? seeing none, okay, this is where we have to reserve the public comment. we have a motion on the floor. we have a second. do we have any public comment? check the bridge line, not working. seeing none, we have ballots passing around. >> (off mic) >> chair: all in favor for the re-election of co-chair james, for a second year, say aye, a raise your right hand. >> aye. >> chair: by unanimous vote, co-chair has been reelected for a second year. do you wish to give a speech? >> i will continue to learn. by mail. so you can continue to teach me, and tap my arm, when i'm doing something wrong. i'm sure carla and joanna and everyone else will keep me in-line. >> i can still tune into you guys. i happened to tune in to a meeting, a committee meeting a couple of weeks ago and
Dec 8, 2012 10:30am PST
out of business. >> thank you. next speaker. >> roland salvato, denise dan, john bollinger and [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon. >>> hi, roland salvato. thanks, directors. some mistakes are very expensive, and i'm afraid that's what's going to culminate here because there are and there have been a few mistakes beginning with things that are obvious in the documents that have been circulated. so, for example, the brief description written by i suppose the director describes community meetings that were held back in august. was there something obviously incorrect about that? because those community meetings didn't take into consideration a lot of the concerns that you're hearing now. if that's true that those community meetings were more than just an up and down vote, that it says later in the same document whether to approve the project or not, that's on page 3, then obviously you would have heard these concerns sooner. you would have heard the concerns of the north beach people a lot sooner than now. and that's why you're having lawsuits. so, that's what i mean by an
Dec 12, 2012 8:00pm PST
government going too far? "outfront" tonight, political analyst roland martin and david fromme, senior adviser to president bush. david, i know you've written extensively about this. on its surface, that just sounds terrific. just make it easier for every red-blooded american citizen to be able to vote. but i know you say this is kind of just far too small of a solution. why? >> right. america has a uniquely ram shackle voting. it's injurious to the national pride to hear that brazil does it better, but brazil does it better, and so does mexico. so what i'm disappointed in from the attorney general is there are a lot of problems. he's picked one. it's an important problem. but it also happens to be a problem, the fixing of which would benefit his party. because probably the younger people, the less -- the more mobile people, who would be benefited, would tend to vote democrat. which is fine. democrats should vote too. but if you're going to fix it, do a real fix. don't simply introduce something that is advantageous to one party, as if it's a complete solution, when there are so many p
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
, political analyst, roland martin. good to see you. is this just playing up to the nra or a plausible solution? >> it's certain ly not a plausible solution, but the problem is, there are no plausible solutions. there's a guy, a criminalnologist who wrote a great piece about this. the thing with mass shootings, these guys are well prepared. and so, the idea from the right that you're dpoipg going to arm politician official, have them at every school is false and the idea on the left that you're going to eliminate guns, that's also false. you have to look at the gun violence problem more broadly rather than fighting the last war. >> but there is a disconnect in this conversation. the quote from frank lutz. here's what he had to say about the nra's propos. >> the public wants guns out of the schools, not in and they're not asking for a security official or someone else. i don't think the nra is listening. i don't think they understand. most americans would protect the second amendment rights and yet agree with the idea that not every human being should own a gun. >> so, first to you, whe
Dec 27, 2012 7:30am PST
roland about issues regarding interpretation. we have ms. sandra marion, from occ, to talk about language access. ms. marion? >> good evening. commissioners, director - members of the public and command staff and police officers. i'm excited to be here and have the opportunity to talk about the work that many organizations, departments and commissions in collaboration with the police department on language access. i work for the office of citizen complaints, in agency that provides civilian oversight of the police department. i will start our presentation giving a little history and identify some of the projects working on. there are other members of the group here, cheaf beal, officer chang, language liaison, -- a member of the working group. he will talk some of the challenges that lap, domestic violence victims face and lastly beverly -- will make concluding remarks. she is also another vital member of our organization or our working group. a little bit of the history. six years ago a number of representatives from 22 organizations can together to work with the police department to wri
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
mitch mcconnell have been radio silent on negotiations. joining me is will kain and roland martin, a political analyst and columnist. welcome to you both. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. i'm just so sad we have to talk about the fiscal cliff. let's start with you, roland. harry reid comes out and says the house isn't in session. the president is back. the house is going nowhere. john boehner is doing a terrible job and we'll likely go off the cliff because of the republicans. >> it's interesting. this morning i talked to congressman e moon yule cleaver and part of the issue deals with the house rules. they have to have 48-hours notice to come back to washington, d.c. republicans also have a rule -- >> like there are phones. >> but again, the problem is the house rule that they must wait 72 hours to act on legislation. they can always suspend that rule, frankly change it for this particular purpose. that's part of the problem. they waited so long. this is also one of the reasons why congress should have kept their butt in washington, d.c. to get this problem solved because thi
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am PST
? >> yes. >> chair: roland? >> councilmember wong: i like to dominate idell wilson. nominate. (correction) nominate (laughter) >> i would really say, i would be honored. i would like to third, for wendy to have a second year. >> chair: you are declining the nomination? are there any further nominations? seeing none, okay, this is where we have to reserve the public comment. we have a motion on the floor. we have a second. do we have any public comment? check the bridge line, not working. seeing none, we have ballots passing around. >> (off mic) >> chair: all in favor for the re-election of co-chair james, fo
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm PST
. >> commissioner loftus? >> i have to say jean roland trained me. what jean said always was even if you have a high caseload you put your victims name on the chart in front of your desk and you call them every week and you find out how they are and you find that what is going on in their lives. it is not like -- it is essential to hold batters accountable and keeping people safe. gene is not someone who makes excuses and demand that kind of performance. those three das are there to do the arraignment in the morning, 9-12 they are raining all the cases, doing bail hearings. they arrange a new case; it was my experience even better days when we had better staffing levels by the time you get back to your desk as a prosecutor you haven't even had a sandwich you pick up and call the victim she has heard from someone in the public defender's office telling her what may or may not be true about the system and we are committed in the way that we are to prosecute these cases i really command -- and president chu to talk about the staffing levels and volume matters if we want a system that works for v
Dec 24, 2012 4:30am EST
: what makes the perfect ham for dinner? >> on the plate. >> reporter: roll lad is a man ho -- roland is a man who has been cutting meat for decades. >> one that doesn't have too much water to is, spiral sliced. saves a lot of work. >> reporter: it's not all about the ham this year. >> i'm looking for a turkey substitute. >> reporter: the name of the game? divide and conquer. >> my husband is doing the cooking. i'm doing the shopping. we've split the chores. >> reporter: the feast has to be good, right? because as she wished, the redskins won. >> it will go. it will work. dinner is going to be great. >> reporter: in bethesda, surae chinn, 9news. >>> dozens of homeless people in our region received a gourmet breakfast on sunday. they also received warm winter coats, bags of socks, gloves and other cold weather necessities. the event took place at the fourth street adventist day northwest. the church would hand out gloves, toiletries to homeless men but that grew into a bigger holiday project for parrishers. >>> as you heard, the redskins won. that wonthat means they're one win away from b
Dec 18, 2012 2:30pm PST
. so let me call them out. tom scott, tom borden, ken mcgary, may wo ng and roland labron. but any other member of the public who would like to speak on this item please come forward. again, this is on item number ten. are the folks who signed the speaker cards please come up? >> go ahead, sir. >> hi, i'm tom borden and i am with sf urban riders and another group whose name shall not be mentioned but i just wanted to review some history on the park. and basically my premise is that mancel is a bright that has been on the park by the transit planners and this has been realized since the first master plan was put together in 1983 and a lot of things have changed over the course of these master plans in the 1983 master plan, they said that mancell something had to be done about mancel and the plan proposed dropping it down on the north side of the ridge, and that did not seem too workable. and then in the 1985 master plan, they decided to close mancell from the two ends of shelly and force people to drive around that horse shoe of shelly to get around the park and that was dropped. in
Dec 20, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> good morning, thank you for the opportunity. my name is roland [speaker not understood], i'm from san jose. i am one of the strongest supporters of the caltrain modernization program. i [speaker not understood] it extensive the last year. i am really pleased by the report from the executive director with the recent developments because frankly there have been questions about how this project has been moving in the last year. i'll give you some examples. highlights for the last year ask a 1-1/2 million dollars bond, get the accurate gps coordinates of the equipment, and $6 million in program management. now, there are many amounts of technical questions that have to be answered urgently because it directly impacts the capacity of the line down the peninsula affecting all the cities because currently the plan is to put passing track. we frankly are not required if you have a modern signalling system. in closing, what you have in front of you is an application for signaling system. it's got nothing to do with electrification which is in prop k. [speaker not understood]. in other
Dec 8, 2012 6:30pm PST
my name is jean roland,managing attorney for stalking, domestic violence and physical elderly abuse. >> i do have a question for you both. just to clarify, while you are working under staffed in terms of your ability to provide all services, as we would like to victims, just to clarify, it seems the weight in which victims become ened
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
oakland. they were arrested after police raided a warehouse near edgewater drive and roland way early this morning. inside the, officers found hundreds of pot plants along with cultivation equipment. >>> budget cuts will cost the contra costa fire district four of its 28 stations. the firehouses in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette will close next month. no firefighters will lose their jobs. but emergency response times will mostly be affected in those areas. >>> the smallest trashcans will now have a hefty price tag. the bay area residents paying more for having less trash picked up. >> and real or fake? do you know if the pg&e worker entering your home is an impersonator? the tell tale sign you should be looking for. >> after a wet day in the bay area, now for something completely different as we look live down in san jose, a few clouds all that's left. but there's more on the way. we'll be talking about a somewhat wet weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> then fiscal campaigning. how politicians are lobbying for your support and how it's changing the game had washington
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 113 (some duplicates have been removed)